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Sulfonated Asphalt - Shale Stabilizer

Description SHALE-BLOCK is a sulfonated asphalt that is water soluble and primarily used as a shale stabilizer.

Typical Properties Appearance Black To Dark Brown, Free Flowing powder
Moisture 10% Max (wt. Basis)
pH 8.5 Max (2% w/v solution in distilled water)
  Specific Gravity 0.98
  Solubility 70+/-5%

Functions Reduces Sloughing Shale Problems
Reduces Filtration Rate Of Mud - Including High Temperature Filtration In Oil And Water Based Systems
Stabilizes The Wellbore
Provides Lubricity - Reduces Torque And Drag In Oil And Water Systems
Develops A Strong, Thin Filter Cake

Application SHALE-BLOCK is a water soluble sulfonated asphalt that can be used as a preventative chemical treatment for shale control at a dosage level of 2-4 lb/bbl. The water soluble portion of SHALE-BLOCK takes on a negative charge and neutralizes the positively charged edges of shales and clays. This inhibits the ability of the shales to absorb water and prevents the shale from sloughing and destabilizing the hole. The insoluble portion of SHALE-BLOCK controls shale zones through a physical plugging effect. To overcome existing or severe shale problems, the addition of 4-6 lb/bbl may be needed to gain control of sloughing shale sections. The concentration of SHALE-BLOCK should be maintained by daily treatment. SHALE-BLOCK is "consumed" as it reacts with the face of the well bore and the cuttings it has encountered. SHALE-BLOCK is resistant to common mud contaminants and has exhibited high temperature stabilizing properties on weighted muds.

Packaging SHALE-BLOCK is packaged in 50-pound multi-walled bags.

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