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Drilling Lubricants & Defoamers


An easy to use and cost effective mud defoamer which can be used on virtually all types of water-based muds.


DX-Copolymer Beads are environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-abrasive beads designed for lubrication in water-based and oil-based muds. Effective at low concentrations, with high thermal stability, with high resistance to deformation, and proven to be 2+ times more effective for lubricity than glass, graphite, styrene polymer, or ceramic beads.


The best of both technologies: Graphite and Copolymer beads at a more economical price.


DX-DEFOAM is a non-hazardous, synthetic defoamer that can be used in all water-based fluids and high salinity completion fluids.


DX-GIL is a standard ingredient in drilling fluids to reduce torque and drag, reduce stuck pipe problems, and provide lubricity, especially in highly deviated holes.


DX-LQ. GIL is a uintaite (natural asphalt) suspension which can be used in place of regular powdered gilsonite® in any drilling fluid system. It provides all the beneficial properties of gilsonite® in a liquid form, without adversely affecting the drilling fluid system.


DX-Graphite is a naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon. It is used in drilling fluids to provide lubrication, especially in complex drilling situations and also to contribute to the control of fluid loss and lost circulation while strengthening the wellbore. It can be used in combination with other lost circulation materials to control partial to severe losses.

Offshore Oil Drilling

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