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Fluid Loss Products


DX-Causticized Lignite is a product from North Dakota, used effectively as a mud thinning agent in high-pressure, high-temperature deep well drilling. Processed to be used effectively in both high and low pH systems. It is also a fast reacting, free flowing agent, which reduces fluid loss and gel strength. It improves dispersing ability over untreated lignite.


DX-GIL has been used for years successfully to combat borehole instability problems, while minimizing hole collapse in formations containing water-sensitive sloughing shales, and sealing off highly permeable sands. Used in oil-based drilling muds specifically as a high temperature product (>400°F softening point).


DX-GIL TREATED is the water dispersible grade used successfully with all water based systems. It is made from the same natural asphalt/gilsonite as above, having the same applications.


DX-Lignite is a product from North Dakota, used effectively and economically as a mud thinning agent in high-pressure, high-temperature deep well drilling in both high and low pH systems.


DX-LQ. GIL is a uintaite (natural asphalt) suspension which can be used in place of regular powdered gilsonite® in any drilling fluid system. It provides all the beneficial properties of gilsonite® in a liquid form, without adversely affecting the drilling fluid system.


Magma Fiber is an inert, non-damaging LCM/Sweep product of an extruded spun mineral fiber. This long, flexible fiber will Increase circulation by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures and all types of permeable formations. It is compatible with fresh water, salt water, oil-based muds and emulsions and in completion/workover fluids. Environmentally safe; non-toxic. Available in Coarse and Fine Grades.


A water soluble, anionic, synthetic polymer (sodium poly-acrylate) developed for fluid loss control. SPAR will build a filter cake along the well bore to prevent fluid loss and is effective up to 400F. It also reduces gel strengths and yield points with little effect on plastic viscosity. SPAR will perform in highly dispersed systems.

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