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Acid Soluble Spun Mineral Fiber


MAGMA FIBER® is specially formulated, extrusion spun mineral fiber. This coarse, long flexible fiber will give increased circulation and fluid loss by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures and all types of permeable formulations.

MAGMA FIBER® can be used with all oil and water based muds and emulsions, completion fluids or work-over operations. It is also used as a cement additive. The interlocking nature of these strong fibers provides a framework for forming a low permeable mud cake with a resultant reduction in drilling fluid loss and hole caving.

MAGMA FIBER® is removed by simple acidization, leaving a greater volume of flow channels open for production, thus improving well efficiency.


Coarse - Designed to bridge and plug off voids and fractures in all types of formations, it can be added directly through the hopper.

Fine - Machined one-step further than the Coarse, designed to seal permeable and under pressured sand formations and micro fractures. It is pourable and can be mixed as quickly as any LCM.

  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Temperature stable to 1800°F
  • Inert, non-damaging
  • Low alkaline, flexible and inorganic
  • Non-fermenting, non-corrosive
  • Compatible with all Drilling/Completion fluids
  • Acid soluble – 98.4% in HCL Acid or in a 60/40 blend of HCL and Acetic Acid

Typical Properties
Sio2 38-42
AL203 9-12
Cao 31-40
Mgo 8-15
Fe2o3 0-10
Total alkalines as Na2o 1-2
S03 0.5 or less
Ph in water 7.0-8.0
Loss on ignition Less than 0.5
% water soluble Less than 0.2
Water soluble sulfate Less than 0.05
Melting point 2400°F


MAGMA FIBER® can be used in concentrations of up to 30+lb/bbl in slug treatments or as additive to entire system. MAGMA FIBER® has been used in concentrations of ½ bag every 30 minutes for ongoing seepage, to concentrations of 5-15 lb/bbl for seepage/partial or total losses. MAGMA FIBER® is particularly suitable for oil base mud, when more than 6-10 bags are mixed at once, a man should be at the shaker screen when the slug comes around (to clean or bypass the shaker screen). MAGMA FIBER® can be used in all oil and water base mud systems. MAGMA FIBER® should be added directly into pits and gunned into the mud, it can be mixed through the mud hopper but it is much slower.


MAGMA FIBER® COARSE is available in 13.6 kg (30 lb) bags, stacked 32 per pallet

MAGMA FIBER® FINE is available in 11.4 kg (25 lb) bags, stacked 48 per pallet.

MAGMA FIBER® is a registered product of Lost Circulation Specialists,
Casper, WY


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