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LQ. Caustic Soda 50
CAS # 1310-73-2


LQ. Caustic Soda 50 is a 50% sodium hydroxide solution used in most water-based muds to increase and maintain pH and alkalinity.

Proper training and equipment are needed to handle it safely since it causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

It also is exothermic and increases in temperature when diluted further.

Physical Properties


Clear to Opaque Liquid



(1.0% aqueous solution)

  Specific Gravity
(Water = 1)
1.27 (@ 60°F)

  Density 1.515 g/cm3

  Vapor Density
(Air = 1)

  Vapor Pressure < 18 mmHg (@ 68°F)

  Odor Odorless


LQ. Caustic Soda 50 is available in 680 lb. net drums and 4210 lb. net totes, as well as bulk tank trucks.


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