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PHPA Liquid Emulsion

Description DX-PAL 30 is a synthetic, acrylamide-based high molecular weight copolymer. The liquid emulsion formulation offers high activity in a low viscosity product.

Typical Properties Appearance Opaque liquid
  Pour Point 27°F
  Density 8.4 lbs/gal
  Flash Point >200°F
  Solids Content 30-32%
  Charge 30% Anionic
  Molecular Weight >15 million
  Viscosity 1500 cps Max
  pH of 1% Solution 6.-7.5 (25°C)

Dosage Range 0.75-1.5 lbs/bbl

Applications Viscosifier
Shale Stabilizer/Inhibition
Lubrication/Friction Reduction

Advantages DX-PAL 30 has been used successfully for over 20 years to stabilize sloughing shales in fresh, KCl, and salt water based drilling fluids. The bonding mechanism of these additives effectively stabilize the well bore through various troublesome shales. This occurs because the additives tie up significant quantities of free water and encapsulate the shale prior to hydration or break up. In addition, the increased viscosity achieved utilizing DX-PAL 30 improves mud rheology to help clean the hole, and to lubricate the bit. The result is faster penetration and less equipment wear through reduced torque and drag.

Handling / Storage No adverse health hazards are expected as a result of exposure to DX-PAL 30; however, when handling any chemical, good personal hygiene should be practiced. Please read the DX-PAL 30 material safety data sheet. Do not store near open flames or near strong oxidizing agents.

Packaging DX-PAL 30 is packaged in 20 liters (5 gallon) pails, 32 pails per pallet. Available in bulk shipments or in the container of your choice.

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