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(Hydroxyl Ethyl Cellulose)


DX-HEC MV is a medium viscosity hydroxyl ethyl cellulose ether designed for use as a viscosifier in brines and saline fracturing fluids, workover fluids, completion fluids and drilling fluids.

It gives pseudoplastic rheology but essentially no gel strength development.

It can thicken, suspend, bind, emulsify, form films, stabilize, disperse, retain water, and provide protective colloid action.

It is a free-flowing powder that readily dissolves in hot or cold water without excessive mixing or heating.

Physical Analysis


White or Yellowish Powder



5% Max


Degree of Substitution

1.4 - 2.4



5.5 – 7.0


Typical Brookfield LVT Viscosity @ 2% Solution 25°C

4000-6000 cps

Particle Size

Min. 98% @ pass through 100 mesh


Superior solubility in water and various mono and divalent brines

Disperses well at high salinity

Is not precipitated by hardness ions

Stable up to 200°F


25kg (55.1 lbs) paper bags with PE liner for moisture control

Storage and Shelf Life

2 years under cool, dry conditions in original packaging away from heat sources. It is recommended to use the product in rotation on a first-in first-out basis.


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