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DX-Causticized Lignite
(Causticized Leonardite)


DX-Causticized Lignite is a product from North Dakota, used effectively as a mud thinning agent in high-pressure, high-temperature deep well drilling. Processed to be used effectively in both high and low pH systems.

It is also a fast reacting, free-flowing agent, which reduces fluid loss and gel strength. It improves dispersing ability over untreated lignite.

  • Provides thin filter cake due to decreased permeability.
  • Excellent control of fluid loss.
  • Improves electrical logging characteristics.
  • Increases lubrication.
  • Stabilizes rheology and fluid loss properties.
  • No overtreatment risk and is compatible with all other mud additives.

Typical Properties


Solubility (H2O)
Mesh Size

Blackish-Brown Flowable Powder
45.0 lbs/ft3
9-10 (1% solids)
35% minimum through 200 mesh


This product can irritate the eyes and skin. When handling any chemical, good personal hygiene should be practiced. Please read the DX-Causticized Lignite material safety data sheet.


DX-Causticized Lignite is packaged in 50-lb, multiwall, water-resistant bags.


The information and data herein are believed to be accurate and have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable. It is offered for your consideration, investigation and verification. Buyer assumes all risk of use. DX Oilfield Products, LLC will not be liable for claims relating to any party’s use of our reliance on information and data contained herein regardless of whether it is claimed that the information or data are inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise misleading.

Revised 07.01.2014

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