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Chrome Free Lignosulfonate


DX Oilfield CFL-II® is a chrome free lignosulfonate used as a water-based mud conditioner. This product has been used successfully in areas where chrome-free materials are desired. CFL-II® is derived from a chemically modified lignosulfonate.

Typical Properties


Brown, free flowing powder






5.0 max measured as a 10% solution



<15 ppm


Bulk Density

30 lbs/cu. ft.

Application/Dosage Mud System Temperature
  Fresh Water 150 1-4 9.0-10.5
  Sea Water 150 2-6 8.5-10.5
  Gypsum (3,000-5,000 ppm Ca+2) 150 2-6 9.0-10.5
  Gypsum-salt (1,300 ppm Ca+2 and 7,200 ppm co 150 4-9 9.0-10.5
  Weighted (12 ppg) Gypsum-salt (1,500 ppm Ca+2 and 9,700 ppm C[) 250 6-12 9.0-11.0
  Weighted (16 ppg) Fresh Water (400 ppm Ca+2 and 2,610 ppm Cl) 350 6-12 9.0-10.5
  Use of CFL-II® at the suggested treatment levels should give a controlled mud with very nearly the same performance as a typical chromium or ferrochrome lignosulfonate thinner.


DX Oilfield CFL-II® is available in 50 pound, multi-walled, moisture proof paper bags.


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