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(CAS # 9004-32-4)


DX-PAC LV is a high purity/premium, low molecular weight, water soluble anionic polymer of sodium salt of carboxymethyl ether of cellulose, tailored for use in water based fluid systems where no additional viscosity increase is desired.

The primary function of DX-PAC LV is to reduce and control the API filtration rate while stabilizing the rheology of the mud without substantially increasing the viscosity regime of the fluid system.

It also provides shale inhibition as a protective colloid and improves the filter cake quality and stability between the wellbore and the formation.


Compatible with other drilling fluid additives

Applicable in wide variety of fluid systems


Typical Properties


White to Creamish Powder


Moisture %

10% Max.


pH (1% solution)

6.5 - 8.5





Viscosity (cPs)

40 Max.

Filter Loss (mL)

16 Max.

Handling / Storage

DX-PAC LV is nontoxic for the environment and not a dangerous material for transport regulations. DX-PAC LV should be stored, cool, indoors. The handling of any chemical requires care. Anyone responsible for using or handling DX-PAC LV should familiarize themselves with the full safety precautions outlined in our Safety Data Sheet.


DX-PAC LV is available in 25kg moisture proof kraft paper bags.


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